Rime vs Moschino – Scott : settlement?


On June 27th Rime entered a stipulation to dismiss defendant Jeremy Scott

IT IS HEREBY STIPULATED by and between the parties to this action through their designated counsel that all of Plaintiff’s causes of action against Defendant Jeremy Scott in the above captioned action be and hereby are dismissed with prejudice pursuant to FRCP 41(a)(1)(A)(ii), and that Defendant Jeremy Scott be and hereby is dismissed from this suit with prejudice.

On June 29th Rime confirmed that the case has been settled


But on the same day Moschino pointed out:

The only remaining defendant in this case, Moschino, S.p.A. (“Moschino”), submits this corrective response to Plaintiff’s Notice of Settlement [Dkt. No. 66] filed earlier today. Moschino and Plaintiff have yet to reach agreement on all terms of a contemplated Master Settlement Agreement.

Really strange settlement story: in May it was reached an agreement but, in Rime words,  Defendant Scott “ultimately torpedoed the settlement, making new demands after the material terms had been agreed upon and on the eve of the court’s early deadline to file summary judgment”. Now the case is settled with Scott, while Moschino ponts out the parties still have to reach an agreement on all terms.

On July 1st  Judge Stephen V. Wilson stated

In light of the notice of settlement, and the response thereto, the hearing on the Motion for Summary Judgment 56 is continued to August 15, 2016. A status conference regarding the settlement is set for July 25, 2016 at 1:30 p.m. The parties are advised that the motion hearing and the status conference will be vacated and no appearance will be required provided that a Stipulation to Dismiss is filed no later than July 22, 2016.

So let’s wait for the next update on July 22.

Rime vs Moschino – Scott : settlement?

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