Space Invader and the removed mosaic in Paris

On April 28, 2013 in Paris, 3 arrondissement, two persons were caught while removing a Space Invader mosaic (PA_696 in the picture below)


Space Invader asked the Court (the Tribunal Correctionnel de Paris) to declare them guilty of contrefaçon (see here the English translation of French Code de la propriété intellectuelle, article 335-3: “any reproduction, performance or dissemination of a work of the mind, by any means whatsoever, in violation of the author’s rights as defined and regulated by law shall also constitute an infringement“) arguing they were going to sell the artwork through the web. Space Invader asked also for damages (€ 18.000) and publication of the judgement on newspapers.

As reported by France Press the Court on March 22, 2016 rejected Space Invader arguments assuming that defendants removed the mosaics thinking they were illegally affixed and that they had no intention to disseminate or sell the artwork, but they wanted to keep it for them.


Space Invader and the removed mosaic in Paris